EAW and #NOTME app

The Eddie Adams Workshop partners with #NotMe, a new, pioneering app that offers a transparent, safe, and simple way to report misconduct. 

The Eddie Adams Workshop is honored to partner with #NotMe, a transformative new technology. Workshop students, faculty and volunteer staff will have access to the #NotMe app to report misconduct should they experience or witness it. All attendees will receive instructions on downloading and using the app in the coming weeks. At the Eddie Adams Workshop, we are committed to transparency in reporting and urgency in addressing misconduct. 

About #NotMe app

#NotMe offers a truly transparent, safe, and simple way to report workplace misconduct.

#NotMe is giving way to an entirely new era of company culture. This cloud-based and mobile solution empowers you to simply, discreetly and rapidly take action against harassment, discrimination, and bullying. #NotMe offers a streamlined, high-tech system that makes having difficult conversations about misconduct easier, while also encouraging greater accountability and swifter action in the workplace. 

While ownership, accountability, and awareness are crucial in the fight to forge a better workplace culture, #NotMe recognizes the need to create a truly safe and private space for victims of harassment, discrimination, and bullying by allowing remote, digital reporting. 

The #NotMe app is available from the Apple Store.  More information can be found at #NotMe’s website: www.not-me.com

Contact eawdirector@gmail.com for more information.