The Eddie Adams Workshop is tuition-free, with most meals and transportation to and from New York City provided at no additional cost. 

To apply

Applications for the 2018 Eddie Adams Workshop are no longer being accepted. Please check back beginning of 2019 for when the application process will re-open.

The workshop code of contact

The Eddie Adams Workshop believes in providing a safe and secure atmosphere for each year’s students. The code of conduct can be viewed here.

If you are attending


Students are responsible for arriving either at the Workshop or New York City for the charter bus.

Plan to arrive at the Howard Johnson's in Liberty, NY no later than 3 P.M. on Friday. Buses will take you to the workshop grounds, located outside of Jeffersonville.

Tuition, transportation and meals at the farm are all provided free of charge. Students are responsible for the discounted rate of the motel. 

Faculty and volunteers

You may also take the charter bus from New York City.

Plan to check into Days Inn in Liberty, NY no later than 3 PM on Friday, and be at the workshop grounds no later than 4 PM. It is about a half-hour drive from the Days Inn to Jeffersonville.

Meals at the farm are provided. Faculty and volunteers are responsible for the discounted rate of the motel. 

What to bring

Students are encouraged to bring basic camera gear, chargers, and memory cards. Having your own laptop also helps. Most other gear, including cameras, lenses and lights, can be borrowed from any number of sponsors.

What to wear

Since it is Fall, the weather can be very unpredictable, from roasting to freezing, dry to wet. The workshop is on a farm, with many natural ground springs, so water-resistant boots and warm socks are a must. It can be cold at night so bring something to keep yourself warm. Layers, baby, layers.

A headlamp can also be handy at night around the grounds.


Meals are provided, but students will be responsible for a couple of meals when in the field shooting.





Those catching the chartered bus from NYC, meet at the "Event Space" at the B&H Superstore, 420 9th Ave, NYC (map).


Those driving directly, check in at the Howard Johnson's, located at 2067 Hwy. 52, Liberty, NY (map).



You may also take the bus from NYC.

Those driving directly, check in at the Days Inn, located at 52 Sullivan Ave., Liberty, NY (map).



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