Board of Directors

Alyssa Adams, TV Guide Deputy Photo Editor

Nancy Andrews, Detroit Free Press Multimedia Dep. Managing Editor

Francisco Bernasconi, Getty Images Director of Photography

Hal Buell, Photography Consultant

Bobby Baker Burrows, LIFE Books Photo Editor

James Colton, Zuma Editor at Large

Colin Crawford , Los Angeles Times Managing Editor

Mark Dolan, NPPA President

MaryAnne Golon, The Washington Post Director of Photography

David Griffin, D Griffin Studio, Inc.

Thomas R. Kennedy, ASMP Executive Director

David Kennerly, Photographer

Sarah Leen, National Geographic Director of Photography

Santiago Lyon, Associated Press Director of Photography

Michele McNally, New York Times Managing Editor for Photography

Kira Pollack, Time Magazine Director of Photography

Tim Rasmussen, Denver Post AME Photography

Howard Schatz, Photographer

Brian Storm, MediaStorm President

Mark Suban, Nikon Inc. Senior Manager, Professional & Technical Services

Lauren Wendle, Emerald Expositions Vice President

Mirjam Evers, Executive Producer